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The hand is an intricate network of bones, muscle, ligaments, and joints. The human hand is capable of many functions, including fine motor movements. Hands are essential for performing almost every daily task – dressing, eating, and drinking. When the hand is injured, the ability to perform even the simplest daily task can be impossible without assistance.

The majority of work-related hand injuries are caused by either trauma or overuse. Trauma comes in many forms, such as a blow to the hand or exposure to a toxic substance. Injuries caused by trauma can result in bone fractures, burns, contusions, amputation, nerve damage, sprains, dislocation, and lacerations. Hand injuries related to overuse (repeating the same motion over and over), include tendinitis, arthritis, bursitis, dislocation, and stress fractures.

Carpal Tunnel Injury – Hand Injury Attorney in Sacramento

If you or a loved one suffered a hand injury because of a workplace accident or because of the type of job you perform, you would be wise to speak to a professional workers comp lawyer in Sacramento from Golden State Workers Compensation. They understand the seriousness of a devastating hand injury and how it can affect a worker’s physical well being. If the injury is preventing you from working, it can also negatively affect your financial well being. Why suffer when you may be able to get financial assistance through the work compensation system?

Carpal Tunnel Injury Lawyers in Sacramento

The skilled hand injury attorneys at Sacramento Golden State Workers Compensation want to free you of the burdens associated with a severe hand injury so you can get back to work and on with your life. They know you’re not looking for a handout, but they can make sure you get what you deserve for an injury you had nothing to do with. For many years throughout Sacramento, the aggressive carpal tunnel injury lawyers in our group have obtained fair benefits for clients’:

Medical bills – hospital visits, surgeries, and medicine
Lost income – current and future wages
Permanent disability
Job rehabilitation

Carpal Tunnel Injury Attorneys in Sacramento

If you have been experiencing numbness or tingling in the palm of your hand, you may be suffering from a syndrome known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve. Pressure can stem from illnesses, such as diabetes, but can also stem from making the same hand movement over and over (overuse). Symptoms usually begin in the palm of the hand, but can extend up into the wrist and forearm. If not treated early enough, carpal tunnel syndrome can cause permanent nerve damage and chronic pain.

Sacramento Hand Injury Lawyer

Getting you the most benefits possible is the goal of each and every professional carpal tunnel injury attorney at Sacramento Golden State Workers Compensation. For immediate legal assistance, call (916) 246-6007 before your right to collect benefits is denied. Begin your path to recovery (if a full recovery is possible) with a no pressure, no cost case review. Although they don’t anticipate an unfavorable case result, if the experienced hand injury lawyers in our group aren’t able to get you benefits, they won’t charge you a dime.

The legal professionals we work with are at your service, regardless of the basis of your claim. From the aggressive Sacramento head and brain injury lawyers to experienced neck and back injury lawyers in Sacramento, from seasoned elbow and shoulder injury lawyers in Sacramento to trusted Sacramento knee, ankle and foot injury lawyers, we’ve got you covered.