Denied Claim Attorneys in Sacramento

Denied Claim Attorneys in Sacramento

When you’re hurt and become unable to work as a result, it can be disheartening to learn you’ve been denied benefits. If it seems the insurance company is not on your side, you’re correct in thinking so. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for insurance companies to initially deny a work comp claim on the basis of fraud, conflicting information or employee status. But, just because your claim has been denied does not mean that you can’t get benefits for a work-related injury or illness. Whether or not you have hired an experienced Sacramento carpal tunnel injury attorneya trusted hearing loss lawyer Sacramento workers recommend or a competent Sacramento chemical exposure attorney, a denied claim calls for stronger resolve and the assistance from a legal professional with vast experience in the field.

Denied Claim Lawyers in Sacramento

To challenge a denied claim, an Application for Adjudication Claim must be filed. Before attempting to file the application or challenge the denial, look to an experienced workers compensation lawyer Sacramento workers rely on at Golden State Workers Compensation for representation. Experienced legal professionals understand the tactics insurance companies use to prevent paying you the benefits you need for a full recovery (if a full recovery is possible). They also understand how to approach and deal with any questions the insurance company has about how and why your injury occurred. Some of the more common reasons insurance companies will deny a claim, include:

  • Employee was not on employer’s premises at the time the injury occurred
  • Injury was due to a pre-existing condition
  • No substantial evidence injury is work-related
  • Employee was not evaluated by a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME)

Denied Claim Attorney in Sacramento

The skilled denied claim lawyers at Golden State Workers Compensation can help you clarify the facts surrounding your case to clear up any misunderstanding between you, your employer, and the insurance company. Many insurance companies have become increasingly skeptical of workers’ compensation claims due to a rise in work comp fraud; however, you should not have to suffer just because someone else is abusing the system.

We work with dedicated denied claim attorneys and delayed claim lawyers in Sacramento who know what’s right and what’s fair and who won’t rest until you have been awarded benefits for:

  • Job displacement
  • Medical care costs
  • Total temporary disability
  • Total permanent disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Temporary partial disability
  • Death benefits

Denied Claim Lawyer in Sacramento

Please keep in mind: reporting your injury promptly and filing your claim paperwork correctly can reduce the likelihood of receiving a claim denial. Even the smallest clerical error can result in a claim denial. Don’t put your ability to get benefits at risk – retain the services of a trusted denied claim attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation to guide you through every step of the claims process. We will carefully prepare your claim paperwork (if necessary), submit it on time, and handle the negotiations with the insurance company.

Sacramento Denied Claim Attorneys

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