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Regardless of what your occupation is, if you have suffered an injury while at work, you may be able to collect benefits paid by your employer’s insurance company. If you are a federal employee who has suffered an injury at work, you may be able to collect benefits through the federal workers’ compensation system. When looking to file a work comp claim, it is wise to consult an experienced workers compensation attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation. Whether you need a competent Sacramento hearing loss attorney or an experienced chemical exposure attorney in Sacramento, contact us before attempting to negotiate with an insurance company.

Work Injury Lawyer in Sacramento

The insurance agent you speak with may seem like they are there to help, but beware – they do not have your best interest at heart. Insurance agents are protecting the interests of their shareholders and they will provide you with inadequate benefit coverage without a second thought. As advocates of those injured by the careless actions of a corporation, dedicated work injury attorneys at Golden State Workers Compensation won’t put up with greedy insurance companies tactics and will fight to get you the benefits you so desperately need. Do not forget it is never too late to put up a fight, as long as you have a competent delayed claim attorney in Sacramento, or perhaps even a whole team of experienced Sacramento denied claim lawyers by your side.

Work Comp Attorneys in Sacramento

What types of benefits can I get? This is a frequently asked question by clients and one that is not always the easiest to answer. The amount and types of benefits available through the workers’ comp system vary per injury and case. Typically, a hurt or sick employee is able to obtain financial assistance for medical bills, job displacement, and lost wages. If a worker tragically died as a result of a workplace injury, surviving family members may be able to obtain death benefits.

If you would like to know what benefits you may be able to obtain financial assistance for, contact an ethical work comp lawyer at Golden State Workers Compensation. It won’t cost you a thing to learn what types of benefits you may be able to collect and they can offer sound legal advice on what steps should be taken to protect your rights.

Work Comp Lawyers in Sacramento

When applying for workers’ compensation benefits, even the smallest, seemingly unimportant filing error can result in a claim denial or delay. In order to prevent a denial or delay from happening, the skilled work injury attorneys at Golden State Workers Compensation will:

  • Carefully complete work comp claim forms (if needed) and submit them on time
  • Consult with insurance company and doctors to eliminate the possibility of conflicting information
  • Determine your level of disability
  • Carefully calculate your current and future medical costs

The workplace injury lawyers in our group will work diligently to settle your case outside of the courtroom. However, they will not wait to take your case to court if a fair agreement cannot be reached in a timely manner.

Sacramento Work Comp Attorneys

Call a professional work injury lawyer at Golden State Workers Compensation at (916) 246-6007 as soon as possible. The initial consultation is free and there is no need for you to give us any payment upfront. Every case the competent work comp attorneys in our group take is accepted on a no recovery, no fee guarantee.