Shoulder and Elbow Injury Attorney Sacramento

Shoulder Injury Attorney in Sacramento

Shoulder and elbow injuries may not be perceived as serious injuries, but a serious injury of the shoulder or elbow can result in total loss of mobility and functionality. A severe shoulder or elbow injury can prevent a worker from returning to the same line of work and possibly, even prevent them from working at all. Although most shoulder and elbow injuries are caused by blunt force trauma, many are associated with repeated stress (overuse injury).

After suffering a shoulder or elbow injury in a workplace accident, it is highly recommended that you seek immediate legal counsel from an expert. Keep in mind, not every attorney has experience handling work comp claims. But that is not the case here at Golden State Workers Compensation. The shoulder injury lawyers in our law firm with have extensive experience representing injured employees. They can offer a helping hand when injured or recovering individuals need it most.

Elbow Injury Lawyer in Sacramento

Dealing with the work comp system can be hard, especially when you’re dealing with a painful injury. The situation can become even more stressful if your claim is suddenly modified, delayed or denied. You thought the insurance company would be on your side but you’ve quickly discovered they were not. The process might not be as smooth as you have expected but there is a silver lining: you don’t have to face for-profit insurance companies alone. Look to a professional Sacramento workers comp lawyer at Golden State Workers Compensation to assist you with:

  • Claim paperwork
  • Dismantling objections to why the insurance company denied, modified or delayed your claim
  • Insurance company negotiations
  • Your medical care

Shoulder Injury Attorneys in Sacramento

Shoulder injuries are one of the most common reasons people seek medical attention in the U.S. Of the millions of shoulder injuries treated every year in the U.S., thousands are due to workplace accidents. Most shoulder injuries involve the ligaments, tendons or muscles of the shoulder and stem from overuse. However, in cases where blunt force trauma is the cause of the accident, the bone can be affected too. Instability, dislocation, impingement, bone fractures, torn rotator cuffs, tendinitis, and bursitis are just some of the various types of injuries that can affect the shoulder.

Shoulder and Elbow Injury Lawyers in Sacramento

Although the elbow may seem like a simple hinge, it is a vital joint that, together with the forearm and wrist, forms a complex entity. Elbow injuries stemming from trauma include contusions, ligament strains or tears, muscle tears or ruptures, bone fractures, dislocation, burns or amputation. Elbow injuries stemming from overuse include bursitis, tennis elbow, pinched nerves, arthritis, and golfer’s elbow. The resulting pain and discomfort might never go away without adequate treatment and time off from work, which is why obtaining workers compensation for your injury is of paramount importance.

Sacramento Shoulder Injury Attorney

For more information about your rights when filing a work comp claim, contact a professional that can give you appropriate legal assistance, regardless of the injury type. Here at Golden State Workers Compensation, not only can you seek the help of an experienced shoulder injury lawyer, but also of a competent Sacramento head and brain injury attorney or a back and neck injury lawyer in Sacramento you can trust. We welcome all injured workers and do everything they can to make quality legal help accessible to people of all backgrounds.

You can discuss your claim with a shoulder or elbow injury lawyer in our group for free, anytime. All of the information you provide to them will be considered confidential and will not be shared with anyone. Call (916) 246-6007 as soon as possible to make sure claim paperwork is submitted on time. Every case is taken on a no win, no fee basis.