Chemical Exposure Attorney in Sacramento

Chemical Exposure Attorney in Sacramento

Many occupations, such as roofers, factory workers, landscapers, painters, and mechanics are exposed to toxic or hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. Despite regulations outlining the use and storage of toxic chemicals, many businesses choose to put profits before the safety of workers. Failure to follow safety regulations regarding the use of toxic chemicals can result in a devastating workplace accident, injury or death.

Chemical Exposure Lawyers in Sacramento

Prolonged exposure to hazardous chemicals can result in serious illnesses, such as cancer or mesothelioma. Prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals can also cause other types of diseases, including:

    • Leukemia
    • Lung disease
    • Asbestosis
    • Hodgkin’s disease
    • Aplastic anemia
    • Silicosis

Chemical Exposure Lawyers in Sacramento

A sudden accidental exposure to a hazardous substance, such as gas, acid, or pesticides, can result in severe brain damage, burns, and throat and lung injuries. Brain damage can happen in almost any situation where a worker swallows, inhales or comes into contact with a toxic substance.

If you or a loved one suffered a chemical-related injury while at work, you may be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ comp system is a no fault system, meaning you do not have to prove your employer or a co-worker did anything wrong. However, you must prove your injury was caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals while at work.

Chemical Exposure Attorney in Sacramento

The experienced Sacramento workers compensation lawyers at Golden State Workers Compensation know that many injured workers who try to collect benefits end up frustrated and without the assistance they so desperately need. Why put yourself through any unnecessary strain when a skilled chemical exposure attorney in our group can relieve you of the burdens you face? They can give you a much better chance of getting the most funds for your injury-related damages. The competent chemical injury lawyers we work with will fight for you rights on your behalf and will go the extra mile to ensure you can begin putting your life back together.

Chemical Exposure Lawyer in Sacramento

Employees can also suffer serious allergic reactions and adverse health effects when exposed to substances, such as peanuts, latex and mold, known to cause severe reactions or illnesses. Employees who have suffered a debilitating allergy or respiratory condition as a result of a potentially harmful substance at work may be able to collect work comp benefits.

Sacramento Chemical Exposure Attorneys

The aggressive yet ethical chemical exposure attorneys at Golden State Workers Compensation have an outstanding track record. They are always ready and willing to represent those in a quest for help, so make an appointment today to talk one on one with an experienced chemical exposure lawyer by calling (916) 246-6007.

The sooner you call, the faster we can get you on the right track to recovery. Consultations are free and there are no upfront attorney fees. The ethical chemical exposure attorneys in our group don’t get paid till you do.

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