Hearing Loss Attorney in Sacramento

Hearing Loss Attorney in Sacramento

You’ve had a ringing in your ears for a while now, but it’s gotten worse. Much to your shock, your doctor diagnosed you with hearing loss after you decided to get your ears checked. What’s worse; your doctor believes it’s related to your job.

Permanent and impaired hearing loss can be caused by prolonged exposure to a loud work environment or by sudden exposure to a loud noise, such as an explosion. Although both prolonged and sudden exposure to loud noises can result in permanent hearing loss, most cases of occupational hearing loss are due to prolonged exposure. According to several studies, exposure to just 85 decibels of sound over an extended period of time can impair hearing. Most power tools put out approximately 100 decibels of sound and many. like a nail gun, put out more than 140 decibels of sound.

Hearing Loss Lawyer in Sacramento

In many hearing loss cases, a worker may not realize damage is happening until it’s too late. Workers employed in environments where they are exposed to loud, frequent noises should be aware of the signs and symptoms of hearing loss:

  • Ringing, hissing or roaring noises in the ears
  • Trouble hearing high-pitched noises like a child’s voice
  • Difficulty hearing background noises
  • Perception that people are muffling or not speaking clearly
  • TV or radio is always loud

Hearing Loss Attorneys in Sacramento

Permanent hearing loss can affect almost every aspect of a worker’s life. Not having the ability to hear can prevent a worker from returning to the same line of work and ultimately, prevent them from providing for their family. Workers suffering from work-related hearing loss may qualify for benefits through the workers’ compensation system and should speak to a qualified workers comp attorney in Sacramento at Golden State Workers Compensation about their legal rights. We will fight to obtain injured workers all benefits possible under the law for medical costs,  permanent disability, and job retraining.

Hearing Loss Lawyers in Sacramento

If you are unsure of what to do after suffering a hearing loss injury at work, the dedicated hearing loss attorneys at Golden State Workers Compensation, advise you to:

  • See a doctor as soon as possible (if you have not already)
  • Follow all of your doctor’s instructions and do not miss any follow up appointments
  • Notify your employer within 30 days of discovering the injury
  • Do not provide the insurance company with a statement
  • Do not sign any documents the insurance company gives you
  • Keep every piece of paperwork the insurance company gives you and make copies of any paperwork you send them
  • Keep a record of the mileage you accrue going to and from your doctor’s office or hospital
  • Call an ethical hearing loss lawyer in our group as soon as possible

Sacramento Hearing Loss Attorney

Like most legal matters, time is of the essence when attempting to get work comp benefits. Waiting to report your injury or waiting to file workers’ compensation claim paperwork could jeopardize your chances of collecting benefits. To learn how a caring hearing loss attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation can provide expert legal assistance, call (916) 246-6007 right away. Having a qualified attorney on your side can mean the difference between getting full benefits and not getting any benefits. Consultations are free and you won’t have to pay any legal fees until your case has been successfully settled.

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